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Bright Spot gets even brighter with a lighting upgrade!

“Friendly Staff” and “Good selection of microbrews” - a couple of internet comments from visitors to Bright Spot Convenience in Nashua. According to business owner Stephen Noel, those beer sales appear to have increased with the help of recently installed LED cooler lights as part of a lighting upgrade there. The installation of energy efficient lighting throughout the store was completed by LighTec, Inc. of Merrimack, an Energy Services Company specializing in commercial lighting design and installation.

High efficiency interior aisle lighting, exterior parking area lighting, and those LED cooler lights replaced inefficient existing lighting at the location.

While the project is expected to save the store over $2,100 per year in electricity costs, other benefits may be worth even more. Improved lighting provides customers with a better in-store experience and highlights the stores products- improving their bottom line.

Explains Noel, “I can’t believe we’ve gone without updating our lighting for so long, what a difference it has made!” Visit Bright Spot at 43 E Dunstable Rd, Nashua, NH. (603) 888-1531.

For more information about LighTec’s services call (603) 424-2165 or visit

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